Convergence. The interactive documentary storytelling method.

The Convergent Media and Interactive Journalism Process



The first step of the process is the connection between mission and vision. What are you as a client looking for? Online publishing offers unlimited opportunities for storytelling.



Second, what is your budget? Multimedia storytelling attracts the media for business coverage. A story requires the purchase of the storyboarding multimedia package first.


Converge Media

Next, we work on connecting the links with your livestream. Once the storyboard is developed, the next step is telling your story and publication. The size of the vision depends upon the budget.



Once we assemble your story, we agree upon the finished product for online publishing. The story will publish through the Jaded Patriot Press as a blog, which doubles as a press release.

“When the going gets weird—the weird turn pro. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.”

— Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

The pressroom is a mobile marketing campaign raising awareness for my class projects. I will come to you and your business.

Let’s work together.

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